Explore Scientific Dobson telescope N 305/1525 Ultra Light DOB


(as of 05/09/2019 at 17:08 UTC)


Dobsonian telescopes are among the most practical instruments in astronomy. They are of simple construction and yet a brilliant idea. They essentially consist of two parts: firstly the optics, which in most cases is a solid tube or truss tube design; and secondly the mount, a wooden box (also called a ‘rocker box’) which sits on the ground and into which the telescope is inserted. This design allows you to begin observing sessions immediately without first having to spend time setting up and aligning a complicated mount. The basic idea of the Dobsonian design came from the wish to have a big telescope at a low price, a wish that has succeeded brilliantly. A true fan base has developed since the invention of the Dobsonian telescope which is dedicated to these instruments and their fascinating simplicity and to the idea of ‘high performance at low price’.


  • Modern secondary mirror – collimazione without tools and stable during transport
  • Modern primary cell – the mirror of the telescope can be collimato face of the telescope is supported by a system of modern flottazione with radial bearings
  • Large Height wheels allow a precise and fluid movement also to strong magnification
  • Secondary unit and altitude wheels fit into the rocker box and the mirror box includes a cover for transport so that the whole telescope breaks down into only two aluminium cases and the trusses
  • Construction of High rigidity