Orion SkyQuest XT6 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

The Orion SkyQuest XT6 PLUS Dobsonian features cool design enhancements and an expanded accessory package compared to the standard XT6 Classic Dobsonian.

Orion Skyquest XT6 plusStarting from the bottom up, we gave the SkyQuest XT6 PLUS a redesigned, streamlined Dobsonian base with weight-saving cutouts. A white trim band around the base enhances visibility in the dark. An eyepiece rack is included to hold as many as three 1.25″ eyepieces. An altitude axis tensioning knob improves control of the telescope’s altitude motion. The optical tube, which sports an attractive “twilight blue” metallic finish, houses a 150mm parabolic mirror with enhanced-reflectivity (94%) aluminum coatings for superior light transmission compared to standard mirrors. The included 10mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece provides powerful 120x views, or you can insert the 10mm ocular into the included Shorty 2x Barlow to boost magnification way up to a whopping 240x! The included 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece is great for wider-angle views at 48x, or use it with the Shorty 2x Barlow to view at 96x. We replaced the typical secondary mirror collimation setscrews with big thumbscrews, for easier, tool-free adjustment when a collimation tweak is needed. Plus, we’ve added an Orion Safety Film Solar Filter for viewing the Sun’s ever-changing sunspots during the day! With sharp, powerful optics and point-and-view simplicity, this eye-catching 6″ Dobsonian reflector shines as a plus-sized value.

  • An upgraded XT6 Classic Dobsonian with performance-boosting design enhancements and additional accessories
  • Redesigned base with adjustable altitude tension supports the attractive twilight blue optical tube
  • Easy, tool-free collimation adjustment thanks to knurled secondary mirror thumbscrews
  • Highly visible white trim on base makes it easier to see and step around in the dark
  • Upgraded accessories include 25mm and 10mm Sirius Plossl eyepieces, Shorty 2x Barlow, Safety Film Solar Filter, eyepiece rack, EZ Finder II reflex sight, collimation cap

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